DS – Video Club

“DS – Video Club” is a free software. Current Version

The DS Video Club is a video store software to rent movies, games and consoles, easily and quickly. It’s FREE for NON-COMMERCIAL USE!

Tutorial Video:

DS Video Club Part 1 – Inserts (Version 5.5.03)

DS Video Club Part 2 – Rent (Version 5.5.03)

DS Video Club Part 3 – Other (Version 5.5.03)


  • Connected with themoviedb.org.
  • Cooperation with Touch Screen system
  • Full database backup and restore on the Cloud
  • Full database local backup and restore
  • Easy rental and return of the items
  • Immediate information about rented and delayed items
  • It operates either with the keyboard or with a barcode scanner, or with both
  • There is a trial database to learn how to work within a few minutes
  • Easy management of movies, games and customers
  • Password protected restore
  • Exports the database to Excel documents
  • Creates a printable customer card having a unique barcode
  • Additional members can be added to every customer, having their own cards
  • Unique barcodes are created on labels for each product of the store connected
  • It can make pre-rental and reservations of the items
  • Maintains the customer’s rent history
  • Provides information about the income
  • Captures customers images using a live web camera
  • Set default prices lists for the items
  • Produces statistics for customers, games and movies
  • Generates and prints receipts
  • Available in four languages. Soon, there will be more.


Read All Features by clicking Clicking on one of the following languages: English, Greek, French, German

*Note: German and French have been made from English text with the use of Babylon translator.

System Requirements:

Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Widows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10

DirectX 8.1 or newer

.Net Framework 4 Client Profile or newer

0.8GB Disk Space

External web camera

MS Office 2007 or MS Office 2010 Starter (this is required only if you wish to have access to create reports)

Sql Server 2005 or newer (Includes in Setup)